National Chocolate Cupcake Day

This is a happy day. I had no time this week or weekend to actually bake cupcakes from scratch, but I did come across this boxed cake mix that I’d never had before:

I thought I would try it because how could anything labeled “decadent” not be delicious? Also, unlike most boxed mixes, this one only makes 12 cupcakes as opposed to 24. Since I’m only one me, less is better.

These cupcakes came out surprisingly well. And I think I did a decent job with the icing:

My verdict? In the interest of full disclosure, I actually made these on Thursday and brought them into work on Friday. I only ate one of the cupcakes myself, but it was delicious. I really like this mix a lot, and the fact that it comes with the icing (which is also really good) is a brilliant idea. My coworkers seemed confused about why I was bringing in cupcakes when it wasn’t someone’s birthday, and I also got accused of trying to ruin a couple diets. But they ate them and liked them. I got a bunch of compliments on these, which I am happy to accept even though baking boxed cake requires no real skill or effort.



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