National Pasta Day

Hello my fellow pasta eaters!  Today is probably the day that I celebrate the most times throughout the year, so I jumped at the chance to celebrate it officially.  I kind of wish that I made you something super fancy and elaborate, but instead, I took a nap after work and then I went with a pasta dish that I make pretty regularly.  Like, at least twice a week.  To make it special, I added shrimp.

My usual dinner consists of some sort of cooked vegetables and some sort of grain.  I made a pasta primavera-y thing for you tonight.  I think it came out pretty well, I’m getting used to what order to cook my vegetables in so that they all get cooked the right amount.  Today, that was was, carrots, tomatoes, garlic, mushrooms, vegetable broth, kale, and shrimp last.  I would add the shrimp sooner if you’re using raw, but mine were already cooked so just needed to be heated up a bit.  Mix in pasta of your choice, I used whole wheat spaghetti.  Top with lots and lots of Parmesan cheese! I really wish I had some red wine and bread to have with this but, I finished the wine earlier this week!



I’m pretty sure that you can’t really go wrong with pasta.  It’s the base for many of my meals, it can be as simple as plain pasta with some sauce from a jar at the end of a long day, or as elaborate as handmade pasta with homemade sauce that’s been simmering all day long (I don’t make things like that, but I’ll happily eat them), either way, I’m happy to celebrate pasta day any day.


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