National Red Wine Day

I am taking off work the rest of this week, so I started off my long weekend with a glass of red wine. After all, it’s good for you!
I raided my “wine cellar” and pulled out all the reds.
I decided on Big Ass Cab, which I put in my Big Ass Wine Glasses, and drank while I ate my Big Ass Plate of Pasta. I could tell you this wine was selected because it is full bodied, or earthy, or some other nonsense. But the truth is, I selected it specifically so I could use the words Big and Ass as much as possible.
As an aside, have you noticed that many bottles of wine don’t have corks anymore? At first I thought it was because of the quality of wine I was purchasing, but apparently it’s a thing. But this bottle did have a Big Ass Cork, which I appreciated.
 IMG_20141015_124849 (1)

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