World Egg Day

It’s world Egg day! Hooray!

You can do so many fun things with eggs! Bake them, color them, throw them (shhh), boil them, fry them, scramble them, and more.

I’m on my last few days of a Whole 30, so I’ve been eating a lot of eggs. It’s my favorite way to get protein this week because I didn’t feel like shopping for Whole 30 compliant food, because I plan on binging on unhealthy food for a few days post-Whole 30. .

I forgot to take a picture of my breakfast, but I was on the run so I put a banana, coconut flakes, and two over-easy eggs in a cup, and ate that at all of the red lights I hit on my way to work.

Sounds gross, tasted great, kept me full. Not a prime example of a proper Whole 30 meal but whatever.

For dinner, I decided to have a little fun, and I made grown up fish sticks, which required the last egg that I had in my fridge.

I really do eat a lot of eggs on the Whole 30. Sigh.

So I made paleo/Whole 30 approved fish sticks, using the almighty egg to get the coconut flour to stick to the fish.


And then when I finished with the fish, I did that Italian thing where you use the leftover egg and flour and fry up a bread “cookie”. Yummy.

photo 3-2

My verdict? Let’s hear it for the egg – versatile, yummy, and good for every meal of the day.


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