National M&M Day


Hey Blog Followers,

This is my first post, but it should be noted that when my little sister invited me to be a contributor to this blog, I was about 8 months pregnant and I had gestational diabetes. Basically what that means is during a time when I was craving everything delicious, I couldn’t eat any of it for fear of sending my unborn child into sugar shock. So I chose National M&M Day at that point because nothing sounded better to me than chocolate coated in a delicious candy shell. Now I have a three week old, and while the M&M eating has commenced (while I was still in the hospital after delivery, obviously), I have found that it is difficult to type while also holding said three week old.

So, to make a long story even longer… I do not agree that M&M day only occurs once a year. I believe that every day should be M&M day. I enjoy every type of M&Ms, from plain to peanut to pretzel to peanut butter and everything in between. I enjoy seasonal M&Ms, desserts baked with M&Ms, and M&Ms that are from last Easter that my mom is still putting out when she has company. I remember when we were able to vote IN the blue M&M (before there was internet, believe it or not–we had to CALL IN our votes, we couldn’t just hashtag blue), and while we all embraced the entrance of the blue, we mourned the loss of the light brown M&M. No one told us we would have to say goodbye to light brown! #riplightbrown

My verdict is this: all M&Ms are delicious, but nothing beats the plain ones in the brown package. Perfect ratio of chocolate to candy shell, perfect to snack on, and perfectly delicious.

DISCLAIMER: M&Ms do indeed melt in your hands. You have been warned.



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