National Angel Food Cake Day

I went to the store right after work to buy some angel food cake, still undecided on whether or not I was going to bake it or buy it pre-made. While in the bakery section, I witnessed a boy, who could not have been older than 13, ask an employee where the lighters are. Nothing good can come from that situation. That story is completely irrelevant, but I just wanted to set the scene for you.

Basically, I just decided that there isn’t all that much difference between buying a pre-made cake and making a cake from a boxed mix, so I bought the pre-made one. I wasn’t going to make it from scratch because that seemed like a lot of effort. And the pre-made one was cheaper anyway.

I’m sure no one cares about anything I just said, so here’s the cake I bought:

Angel food cake doesn’t actually taste like anything to me, so I covered it in Hershey’s syrup. Chocolate makes everything better.

My verdict? I haven’t even eaten dinner yet, but I have eaten a slice of cake, so that’s a sign of a good day, I think. I’m pretty indifferent toward angel food cake in general, but I was happy with this store-bought version. The real question is what the heck am I going to do with an entire cake? I’m leaning very heavily toward making this.


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