National Dessert Day

Days as open-ended as this make me anxious. I never know what to do. I considered eating dessert for every meal like I did with bacon on National Bacon Lovers’ Day, but I quickly realized that I would end up getting really sick. Then I thought I would make my favorite dessert, but I couldn’t decide if my favorite dessert was ice cream or cookies or brownies or cake or pie…

So I was standing in my kitchen, assessing my ingredients, when I realized that I still have a ton of leftover desserts from other food holidays. And so I created what I like to call “Apple Betty Cherries Jubilee Ice Cream Sundae with Crushed White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies.” Which is not so much a name of a dish as it is the description of exactly what I did. It looks disgusting. Yum.

I also had leftovers from National Toasted Marshmallow Day, so I made a s’mores pie. Because if there’s one day a year that you can have dessert twice, it’s today.

I made the s’mores pie in the microwave because I like to see marshmallows do this:

The s’mores pie was just a mini graham cracker pie crust, milk chocolate, and marshmallows.

My verdict? I don’t eat dessert nearly as much as I should. And that mash-up of previously made desserts was actually pretty good. The s’mores pie was exactly as good as you think it would be. I’m pretty satisfied with my creations, even if I feel a little bit sick from all the sugar now.


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