National Fluffernutter Day

Hello all. Diana here bringing you: Alex and Charlotte “Celebrate” National Fluffernutter Day. I put celebrate in quotes because it was a very loose celebration. I, of course, could not partake in Fluffernutter day because I would have promptly ran out of the room… I could barely stand taking pictures near peanut butter.

Here are the ingredients for fluffernutter:


It isn’t very complicated.

Here is Alex making the sandwich (on one piece of bread, that was folded in half and then cut in half for he and our friend Charlotte to share)


And here they are “cheers-ing” their tiny sandwiches before taking their one and only bite.


They didn’t want their true emotions shown on the blog..

Verdict? Alex said he much preferred Whiskey Sour day and “fluff should only be consumed by people 4 and under because they don’t know any better”.


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