National Frappe Day

So I was all ready for today. I picked out the recipe, made sure I had all the ingredients, and decided to make it when I got home from work around 4:30. Then when I actually started to make it, I read the recipe and realized that I had to freeze the coffee. Cut to three hours later, I’m finally finished making my mocha frappe.

I used this coffee:

photo 1 (37)

I froze the coffee with some milk and sugar:

(Sorry for the accidental foot photobomb)

Cut to a few hours later, and I blended the cubes with more milk and chocolate syrup:

I made too much for one glass, but at least I’m still getting mileage out of that whipped cream I bought. I know this looks exactly like my chocolate milk, but I swear it’s a different drink:

My verdict? As previously discussed, I don’t really drink coffee, and I honestly didn’t even know what a frappe was. But it’s full of milk and sugar and chocolate, so I’m game. This was pretty damn good, I have to say. Also, my plan was to drink this in the afternoon, but now it’s almost 8 pm. On the rare occasions that I do drink coffee, I get really jittery. So. Anyone have any ideas of how I should kill some time tonight not sleeping?


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