National Taco Day

Welcome to part two of Taco Weekend! I’ve always been a big taco fan, since my childhood when taco night was a competitive eating event for my siblings (“Mom, may I please have my FOURTH taco!”)

It is a common item in my dinner rotation because it is pretty fast to prepare and everyone likes it. I even own a set of taco stand-ups!

Sometimes we’ll make ground turkey or fish tacos, but this time I did standard ground beef because that’s what I had. Since yesterday was Soft Taco Day, I chose hard shells today. I also added a can of drained and rinsed black beans to the meat mixture – try it!


For toppings we had shredded cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream, salsa and hot sauce. I used three of my very own Bobby Flay ramekins for serving. That’s right. I have them too. Two nice improvements this time were 1) my tomato was a delicious and huge one from my CSA box, and 2) I grated my own white cheddar instead of using the bagged stuff. Both elevated this to a better than average taco night.


The grown-ups made our own and the toddler ate his deconstructed (sour cream eaten with a fork, meat and beans with hands, lettuce and tomato not touched, and loud screams for more cheese). Unfortunately for the baby, this blog didn’t start a year from now because it was pureed vegetables yet again.

  IMG_0127 IMG_0126

The verdict? Tacos are awesome. Only thing missing was a margarita. The girls yesterday knew what they are doing.


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