National Hot Mulled Cider Day

Let me tell you a couple stories about Lori and the Search for Apple Cider.

When I was in high school, a couple friends and I decided one day that we really, really wanted apple cider. We decided to go to Delicious Orchards after school. All day, all we could talk about was apple cider, apple cider donuts, apple pie. We were practically jumping up and down in my friend Jamie’s car on the way there. And then we got there, and a horrible realization settled upon us. We discovered Delicious Orchards is closed on Mondays. Dejected, home we went (until we went back a couple days later).

Cut to: about 6 years later, Lori and Jamie, now college graduates, spend a lovely afternoon apple picking at a local orchard. We spent most of the day talking about all the apple cider and donuts we were going to get at the store when we were finished. We get to the store and, sure enough, they are all sold out. So once again, our apple cider plans foiled, we went home (until we went back a couple days later).

Fast forward about 2 years from that, and you have my day today, sans Jamie this time. After work, I went to the fruit store near my office, so confident that they would have apple cider. I mean, apples are fruit. It’s a fruit store (by that I mean a produce store. But still. Apples = produce). It makes sense they would have it, no? Well, obviously you know where this is going. No apple cider. So, after making a few other purchases, I went over to A&P, sad but not broken. And there, I found my cider.

For whatever reason, I was really dedicated to staying true to this recipe. With my track record of making up my own rules, I know this is surprising. But I even bought all the weird spices that are supposed to go in this. I didn’t even know what anise or cloves were, but I bought them (what I’m going to do with all that I have leftover is a mystery for another day).

And now, pictures of my face after smelling each of these ingredients (wet hair, don’t care):


I quartered the recipe because I had no idea how this would come out.

I poured it into my favorite mug, as per usual:

My verdict? You guys. Listen to me. This is so good. SO GOOD. Obviously I love apple cider, but I always drink it cold or frozen. And I think you can tell by the expressions on my face above that I was skeptical about those spices being appealing to me. But mixed all together (okay, full disclosure: I added some sugar too), it was amazing. I now know what I’m going to do with all those spices. Make more of this. It made my adventures today worth it (yes going to two different stores is an adventure for me. My life isn’t that exciting). I guess this is what happens when you actually follow a recipe.

Whew. I wrote a lot of words today.


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