National Strawberry Cream Pie Day

The thought of making strawberry cream pie the right way kind of grossed me out. I usually do not like cream cheese-based desserts (has anyone else noticed how many of these posts have started out with me saying I don’t like something? Who knew I was such a picky eater?). My fellow Food365 blogger Rachel gave me a brilliant idea to make it my own way.

So I bought little mini baby pie crusts because I’m only one person. How much pie do you think I can really eat? (Please don’t answer that.) I then layered sliced fresh strawberries and whipped cream (I told you I was using that whipped cream a lot this week).

And look how pretty is came out:

My verdict? So maybe this wasn’t exactly strawberry cream pie. But it was strawberries. And whipped cream. In a pie. So it counts. I think I liked it:


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