National Pancake Day

In the interest of full disclosure, I have to admit that we celebrated Pancake Day last weekend. The only way this would have worked today was if I made pancakes for dinner since mornings are already crazy enough during the week. And while that would have been fine, I decided it would be more fun to go out for breakfast instead. We make pancakes occasionally at home but this was the perfect reason not to do the dishes.

We went to a local place and the only rule was that everyone had to order a different kind of pancake. The three orders were buckwheat pancakes, chocolate chip pancakes, and silver dollar buttermilk pancakes.  All were good, with the buckwheat being the most interesting. It had kind of a denser, nuttier taste than normal pancakes, although they were slightly under cooked in the middle which was disappointing. The chocolate chip ones were made with mini chocolate chips which was a nice touch, and they were as delicious and as sweet as you would expect them to be. Both of these were half orders but with three giant pancakes, it was more than enough. The buttermilk pancakes were also a hit. There were tons of other types of pancakes on the menu so now we have a good reason to go back and work our way through them all.

Which ones were the favorite? Take a look at the before and afters and you decide.
Left to right: Buckwheat, Chocolate Chip, Buttermilk
The verdict? Going out for pancakes is a fun and tasty way to spend a weekend morning. Especially if there are chocolate chips involved.

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