National Food Service Worker Day

Big Al here, Food365’s resident food service worker!

Kind of.

After spending a month taking a ridiculous course at the local county building, I have a Food Safety Manager’s certification. I needed this for my job, a day camp where we provide meals and snacks, and I am the Food Manager at the camp.

My favorite thing about being the food manager at camp is obviously lunch time, when the kids put forth their best “please” and “thank you”s to our staff serving the food.

On this day, I hope that everyone else out there remembers to say please and thank you to waiters, chefs, food establishment managers, etc.

If hangry, sweaty, and impatient kids can be polite and thankful to their food service workers, so can you.

To treat myself, here’s a sweet snack for me.

I probably would have really given myself a toast with a drink, but I’m doing the Whole 30, so I’m not supposed to drink or really have sweets, so my “treat” is a compliant part of my lunch. Baked apples with coconut cream, coconut flakes, dates, of course with a protein and veggie rich meal.


It looks kind of funky here, but it has the Jasmine stamp of approval. Happy day to me and all other food workers out there!


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