National Cherries Jubilee Day

This was another dessert that has a day dedicated to it that I had never had before. I honestly wasn’t even entirely sure what cherries jubilee was, but it looked easy enough. And it was.

I followed this recipe. I forgot to take any pictures of the process. And by “forgot,” I mean I made this when my phone was on the other side of my apartment, and I was too lazy to get it until the last possible second. Which is why all I have a picture of is the final product, but that’s all anyone wants to see anyway.

My verdict? This was surprisingly good. Why surprising? Because I don’t really like canned fruit, usually. But this was a really nice addition to my favorite vanilla ice cream. I would definitely make it again. Perhaps tomorrow, since I still have almost an entire can of cherries left over. That’s the biggest problem with this blog for me. I’m only feeding myself most of the time, so I end up with a lot of leftovers. Who wants to come eat at my place?


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