National Ice Cream Cone Day

Hello everyone. Diana here and I am SO excited to bring you Ice Cream Cone Day! If you’ve read our bio’s (picture coming soon, I promise), you’ll know that my food patronus is a chocolate ice cream cone with rainbow sprinkles. So what did I do to celebrate this holiday? Exactly that.

Some history about Lori and I:

I’ve known Lori since we were 5 and we started going to day camp together at age 6 at a wonderful placed called Strathmore in Aberdeen, NJ. Everyday after camp, we would BEG our parents to let us to go a nearby ice cream place called Ice Cream Palace. I would throw a legit temper-tantrum if they didn’t let us go.


The amazing part about this place was that they had purple and blue sprinkles. That’s right. As a little kid (and an adult) how can you not LOVE that. About a year about, they switched owners, and this stupid new owner decided to stop serving purple and blue sprinkles. The day Lori and I found this out was very depressing.


This photo was taken the last time Lori and I went to Ice Cream Palace while they still served purple and blue sprinkles. Lori wanted to capture both colors, but I had already eaten all of my sprinkles by the time she got hers…

Anyway, Lori and I decided to take a trip to Ice Cream Palace to celebrate this day. So, I got my old standby, rainbow sprinkles.


I ate it really quickly, as I always do (the picture above was taken at 3:48pm… the picture below was taken at 3:54pm). Don’t judge me.


Verdict? Ice cream is my favorite food in the world. Soft serve chocolate ice cream in a cone with rainbow sprinkles will always be my favorite pick me up because it without a doubt puts me in a good mood. Can everyday be Ice Cream Cone day?


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