National Apple Dumpling Day

The official end of summer and start of fall is on its way. The weather this week has been sunny and crisp – the perfect transition into that famed sweater weather.

This also means that it’s time for apple everything. I know most people are losing their minds over pumpkin spice everything, but I actually can’t wait for apple picking and apple pie and apple bars and baked apples and apple cider.

Clearly apple dumpling day comes at the perfect time.

However, I am lazy and I didn’t feel like making a whole army of apple dumplings this week. Nor do I ever like making pie dough. I am also gluten free so I have a hard time just picking some dough up at the grocery store. Boo.

So when I couldn’t find any gluten free pie dough at the store, and I didn’t feel like messing with a pie dough recipe to attempt to get a single serving of dough, I did the next best thing.

Mug Cookie Apple Dumpling.

Can you tell that we like mug cakes around here?

I peeled an apple, which was sadly very bruised, so I cut away the bruised parts and was left with one pathetic piece of apple.

Then I made a mug cake cookie dough and wrapped the apple up inside, all nice and cozy. And then I nuked it, put some honey and cinnamon on top.

How was it? It was a soft, baked apple inside sweet sugar cookie. Obviously, it was perfect.


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