National Guacamole Day

Today is a good day. Today is the day that I make up for the debacle that was National Cream-Filled Doughnut Day. Today I made guacamole.

Well, to be fair, I actually made it yesterday. But today, I ate it.

My guacamole consisted of avocado (duh), onions, jalapenos, salt, pepper, and garlic. I mushed it all together and got a perfect result. Simple. Classic. Delicious.

Even though I totally could do it, I figured that, for the sake of the blog, I should do more than just eat an entire bowl of straight guac.

So I ate it with a breakfast burrito this morning (it doesn’t look very appetizing, eh?):

And then I made these glorious nachos for dinner:

My verdict? Duh. Guacamole is delicious and everyone who isn’t eating it right now should be.



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