National Linguine Day

My sister Lori and I were born in different decades. To further emphasize our age difference, I give you this:

Someone typed this. On a typewriter.

Someone typed this. On a typewriter.

I don’t dislike linguine but I don’t eat it very often, so this was a huge leap from typical spaghetti. My mother-in-law gave me the recipe after she made it for us during a visit but I never made it before. My husband remembers it fondly and insists that it needs to be served with linguine so it was perfect for the occasion.

Most of the ingredients

Most of the ingredients


Shrimp cooking in progress


The finished product!

The verdict? This is good and not difficult to make, but it is in no way healthy. I attempted to fix this by using a combination of milk and half and half instead of cream and salad on the side. I also didn’t have a whole pound of shrimp so the shrimp to linguine ratio was too low, but luckily today is not Shrimp Day. The husband and I both liked it. The toddler cleared his plate (and what didn’t make it from the plate to his mouth, the dog was happy to eat), even though he kept referring to it as spaghetti.  The baby had pureed carrots so was unable to give any feedback.

So today I can confirm that linguine is good. Next time I make spaghetti and meatballs, maybe we’ll go crazy and use linguine instead.


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