National Cream-Filled Doughnut Day

Guys, I’m really embarrassed about how this came out. I wanted to make baked doughnuts with Nutella and peanut butter cream filling. Sounds amazing, right? Well, something went horribly wrong. I’m not even going to link to the recipe I used, to save that pour soul from ever having to come across this monstrosity.

As soon as I mixed the dough and placed it on the baking sheet, I knew this was not going to turn out well. This is not the shape that doughnuts are supposed to be, but it wouldn’t do what I wanted.

I decided to power through because I had to use the last of my milk and flour for this, and I wasn’t leaving my house again for the day. When it came out of the oven, things were not looking much better:

Somehow my doughnuts ended up looking like deformed sugar cookies. I had higher hopes for the cream. I really shouldn’t have.

I don’t think I have an electric mixer at my apartment (to be fair, I didn’t actually check) but that wasn’t really the problem. The problem was this cream was not creamy. It was just liquid.

So what could I do? There was certainly no way to fill these “doughnuts” with cream. So, I did the only thing I could think of. I took two dough cakes and spread some Nutella-peanut butter mess in the middle. Voila. Cream-filled doughnut, a la Lori.


My verdict?Β No. Just…no. They tasted fine, I guess. But as Allyssa said, they look more like biscuits filled with chocolate. They taste more like chewy nothing filling with liquidy Nutella. I’ve ruined a glorious holiday and I was too lazy to take a 5 minute walk to Dunkin Donuts. This is my life. And I am sorry.


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