National Cheese Pizza Day


Let me just start by saying, cheese pizza is a staple food item in my diet.  Since I’m in New York, I probably should have gone out and tried to find the best cheese pizza that this city has to offer.  But, I had all of the ingredients on hand (I told you- I eat it a lot) it’s super easy, and I don’t have any classes today, so I made my own.




The thing that I like about making my own pizza is that I can have more control over the sauce to cheese ratio.  I’m prefer my pizza very cheesy and not too saucy.  My one complaint about this one in particular is that I used fresh mozzarella, which became a bit watery as the pizza was cooking, next time I might use regular or shredded cheese instead.  I probably make a pizza like this once a week or so, sometimes adding toppings like olives or artichoke hearts, but really, sometimes there is nothing better than a plain cheese pizza.

Wishing you all happy pizza eating!


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