National Trail Mix Day

In college, my friends and I went through a serious trail mix phase. We kept our trail mix in plastic containers. We called them our nut buckets. I encourage everyone to use this terminology in the future.

Anyway, like yesterday, I was at my parents’ house for this challenge. My mom’s favorite snack food is nuts, so I had plenty to work with. Once again, Amanda and Rachel helped me create a damn good trail mix, if I say so myself.

As all good nut buckets should, we started with an assortment of M&Ms that have been in my house since Easter.


These are some of our ingredients, which Rachel is pretty excited about:

And this was the final product:

Our trail mix included M&Ms, almonds, honey roasted peanuts, dried cranberries, raisins, cashews, sesame sticks, and pistachios.

My verdict?Β Trail mix is a tasty and healthy snack. You can add a million different things to it to personalize it to your liking. I am not the biggest dried fruit fan, but I included some. I am a huge chocolate fan, so it’s hard for me to stop myself from including only chocolate. But this was a successful combination overall, I think.



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