National Cherry Popsicle Day

Well, today is National Cherry Popsicle Day. I’m not quite sure why cherry-flavored popsicles get their own day. It should really be National Popsicle Day if cherry isn’t your flavor of choice, but these decisions aren’t up to me. I just celebrate them.

Today was perfect for a popsicle, seeing as that it was a balmy 89 degrees on this late August day. Of course, I don’t eat popsicles anymore in my old age (I used to inhale them along with every other frozen dessert as a child). So, off to the food store.

Surprisingly, not many choices. But, I had to go with the classic. Besides, who eats those “healthy” popsicles anyway?

Naturally, figuring out which flavor is which is just as hard as assembling the Shrine of the Silver Monkey. I think printing one small label on each wrapper isn’t so hard, is it?

Hope this is cherry…

Aha! I passed the test. Time to eat.

I’m no expert on cherry flavored things, but it doesn’t taste like the medicine I used to take when I was younger, which I appreciate. It also tastes nothing like real cherries, so there’s that. I forgot that it would make my lips and tongue super red.ย These things are really cold and take longer than I remember to eat.

I’m sorry, but the popsicles I used to eat had jokes on the sticks. What kind of nonsense is this?

Let’s make this into National Popsicle Day, unless I’m unaware that grape and orange have their special days as well. Perhaps they should be the next 11 days? Because I have 11 more popsicles to eat.


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