National Macaroni & Cheese Day

Let me tell you something. If you are the type of person that believes there is a more perfect food in this world than homemade macaroni and cheese, then you are not the type of person I want to know.

Sound harsh? Good. Because it should.

Today is National Macaroni and Cheese Day, aka my favorite day of this experiment so far.

I live by myself, so I made a rather pathetic Pinterest search for “macaroni & cheese for one.” I stumbled upon this recipe from

I did not prepare at all for this meal, assuming that I probably had all the ingredients in my kitchen. At this point, are you even surprised that I didn’t? Cooking is all about improvising, or so The Food Network tells me.

It all started with me boiling the pot of water and then realizing that the only pasta I have is spaghetti and boxed mac & cheese. Since pasta is kind of the main ingredient, I can see where you would be disappointed in me. I chose to use the boxed mac & cheese because spaghetti is obviously the wrong choice.

I don’t own a “soup crock,” but I do have this Bobby Flay-brand ramekin (thanks Mom!) and that worked fine.

While the pasta was cooking, I lined up the rest of my ingredients. This is when I realized I also don’t have milk in my apartment right now. And besides the cheese and pasta, milk is basically the only other ingredient you really need to make mac & cheese. At least I had cheese (not all that much of it, but enough).

So, I improvised (see above). I used water instead of milk (not nearly as much) and then I put in some cheese powder from the boxed mac and cheese because more cheese is never a bad thing.

I put in about a quarter of the pasta, just making the boxed stuff with the rest of the pasta and the powdered cheese (lunch/dinner for tomorrow, perhaps?). I put it in the ramekin, and threw on some more cheese, bread crumbs, and some goldfish crackers. Because I’m the type of person that may not have milk in her apartment, but will undoubtedly have goldfish crackers to spare.

My verdict? Tasty, even without following the directions exactly. It was super filling, though, and I could barely eat half the whole bowl, which is sad. Apparently next time I need to look up recipes for “mac & cheese for one half.”

I should probably stop posting pictures like this on the internet.

I should probably stop posting pictures like this on the internet.

What’s your favorite macaroni and cheese recipe? Share below!


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