National Soft Ice Cream Day

Sometimes in life, you just need to take a day off from work and to spend the day at the beach with friends. Yesterday was that day for me.

Amanda, Justin, and I ventured down the Jersey shore to Long Branch, where we spent the day relaxing, talking, and, of course, eating. We got WaWa sandwiches in the morning. We got Surf Taco in the afternoon. And, of course, in honor of today being National Soft Serve Ice Cream Day, we got ice cream at Welsh Farms.

I usually don’t get soft serve when I go out for ice cream, but I should totally start again because it’s pretty delicious. I got vanilla with rainbow sprinkles, obviously. I got it in a cup because I am a notoriously slow ice cream eater, so when I eat off a cone it usually just ends up melted all over my hands and arms.

ice cream

Amanda and Justin totally cheated and didn’t get soft serve, but they did get cookies and cream, which is my favorite flavor of all time, so I’ll forgive them. This time.

My verdict? Even though yesterday was an ice cream-based holiday as well, I strongly believe that ice cream is always the right decision, no matter what kind. As summer is winding down, I suggest that everyone remembers to take the time to enjoy it. Even if you can’t take a whole day off or you don’t live near an ocean, take some time to relax and enjoy some real ice cream. It’s worth it.


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