National Ice Cream Pie Day

Welcome to the first ever post on Food365. For more information on who we are and what our mission is, please check out the About page. But right now, we must discuss ice cream. And pie.

I’ve never eaten an ice cream pie before. I looked up a few recipes, but in the end I just decided to make up my own thing. And I think it’s safe to say it was a grand success.

My first venture was a cookie dough ice cream pie. I got a premade graham cracker pie crust. I let the ice cream get a little soft so it was easier to spread. I filled about half the pie crust with cookie dough ice cream. I then covered it all in Cool Whip. And then to make it pretty I added rainbow sprinkles on top.

My next pie was for the chocolate lovers. I’m not a big chocolate ice cream person myself, but since I was making these for a family party, I figured I should please the masses. This one was comprised of an Oreo pie crust, chocolate ice cream, Cool Whip, and crushed Oreos.

My verdict? This was a super easy, super delicious dessert. It requires zero cooking (unless you’re fancy and make your own pie crust/ice cream). And it’s a crowd pleaser. This day taught me that all food should come in the form of pie (please, like I didn’t know that already).

Have you ever made ice cream pie? What’s your favorite recipe? Share in the comments.


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